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“Ocean Secrets” manufactures only the highest quality products, to help you easily maintain a wise lifestyle while enjoying delicious new flavors!
Ocean Secrets' Algae Caviar Snack products protect human health from harmful environmental effects, improve immune resistance, remove salts of heavy metals (radioactive nuclides) from the body, and have a strong radioprotective effect.
The Ocean Secrets' Algae Caviar Snack  products help to normalize metabolic processes and, consequently, shed excessive body mass and normalize blood cholesterol level. In addition, these algae caviar products are low-calorie foods that contain nothing of animal origin. Therefore, they can be used during Lent and by those subjects, who follow various diets.

Notably, the Ocean Secrets' Algae Caviar Snack products are affordable to people of different income levels and can vary the menu and brighten up both the ordinary and the festive table, e.g., with spring rolls, stuffed fish, salads, etc.

Three table spoons (30 g) of Ocean Secrets Algae Caviar Snack will suffice to increase the protective and adaptive abilities of the body. These algae caviar products will be especially helpful for:

  • children to help them study well and prevent them from diseases. Owing to the ability of salts of alginic acid to remove the salts of heavy metals from the body, these products facilitate the adaptation of a child’s body to the environment and considerably improve immune resistance and exercise tolerance; and iodine is important for normal growth and development of children.
  • elderly people to prolong a healthy life. A sea food deficiency may lead to hormonal imbalance and alteration of lipid and carbon metabolism, increasing the risk of obesity, atherosclerosis, and diabetes mellitus.
  • people susceptible to oncological and cardiovascular diseases.