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Seafood - the key to proper and healthy nutrition

Science has determined that everything living in the world once derived from the sea. The more evolution progressed, unfortunately, the more we lost our connection with the sea and became ‘grounded’ on firm land. Nonetheless, dry land is not necessarily the optimal environment for us, and therefore, sometimes, our bodies undergo ‘mishaps’ which we tend to call ‘diseases’.

Seaweed as the foundation of healthy nutrition

In many countries in the Far East, for example Japan, seaweed is found to be used widely amongst the general population, since the residents of that region understand that healthy nutrition is of utmost importance. In the Far East, seaweed plays an important function in daily nutrition, much as the potato and cabbage does in our region. They don’t just gather the seaweed, but also cultivate it artificially. Thousands of people are employed in “underwater agriculture” and the seaweed fields cover thousands of hectares of land.

To be as Shapely as a Mermaid

For hundreds of years seaweed has been used not just for its nutritional value, but also for medicinal purposes. In China and Japan seaweed has been part of the healthy daily diet since the eighth century, and it is from there that we received the first recipes for the preparation of seaweed. It was apparently during that same period that people started to use seaweed in the coastal plains of France, Ireland, Scotland and Norway. In current times, when mankind is aspiring to increase the quality of life by means of healthy nutrition, products based on seaweed have become extremely popular.